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Palazzo Stern Hotel

Your private corner of the Grand Canal

An exclusive location close to St. Mark's but far from the noise and in a very Venetian area of the city, the terrace of Hotel Palazzo Stern directly overlooks the Grand Canal.
It is the best place from which to admire the Grand Canal and its life, be it in the morning while having breakfast, or in the evening while enjoying a glass of wine.

A unique location, far from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

Palazzo Stern is in a very particular location: just a few steps from the Accademia and Saint Mark, but far from the confusion of the tourists, in the real Venice.
In front of the Grand Canal, close to the public transportation service, with a private landing for taxi and boats.

Very close to the Hotel there is Campo San Barnaba and Campo Santa Margherita, a part of the city where you can still “taste” the real Venetian life.
Often you can find a small local market.

The structure is built with maximum accuracy to every little detail, enriched with antiquities, sculpture, and valuable furniture. The rooms are mostly facing the Grand Canal,
some others are on the “ Rio del Malpaga” and on the garden.

The hotel has a Terrace / Garden on the ground floor, facing the Grand Canal (90 square meters big) and a terrace on the roof with a Jacuzzi bathtub.

This historic hotel in Venice is a Moorish Palazzo which has been built during the 15th Century. Built by Malpaga Family (they will give their name to the
Rio next to the building), it was originally a two floor building. During the first years of the 20th Century, the building was bought by the Stern Family, 
art collectors and traders. They rebuilt the whole palace (bigger, 4 floors in total) using old parts and materials of the previous one.

Then the new building was enriched  with pieces of art, sculptures, mosaics and architectural elements from other buildings. The result is remarkable, a collage of memories from many different eras. Now, after 2 years of meticulous restoration, Palazzo Stern is magnificent.   

Our Hotels are not just an option for a short stay in Venice, but also a great setting for those special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, gala dinners,
or even simple toast events. We can create your bespoke event by advising you on the best choice of location among our properties and according to your needs
and to your budget, along with providing all the services that are necessary to make your event an occasion to remember.

Contact us for more information or a detailed proposal!


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