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Palazzo Nicolini Al Duomo

A Journey Through History

Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo was built by the Naldini, a rich Florentine family of merchants and bankers, in the area where was the workshop of the great sculptor Donatello. In 1532 Giovanni Naldini started the acquisition of the houses in the area to connect them in one single complex; between 1725 and 1732 Ottaviano Naldini entrusted architect Pier Paolo Giovannozzi with the task of giving the building its current appearance. After the wedding of Cristina Naldini and the Marquis Eugenio Niccolini di Camugliano, in 1879, the property of the palace passed to the family Niccolini, who has been residing here for four generations. 

1532: Giovanni Naldini lays the foundation of the future palace
1725-1732: Ottaviano Naldini entrusts architect Pier Paolo Giovannozzi with the renewal of the palace 
1879: with the wedding of Cristina Naldini and the Marquis Marchese Eugenio Niccolini di Camugliano the palace becomes property of the family Niccolini


Valuable stuccoes and frescoed walls, precious materials, original vintage pieces, luxury comforts: Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo consists of a few rooms and fine, exclusive suites, each different from the other, each with its own story to tell.
From the classic Standard Double to the Deluxe Double rooms, airy and romantic, to the Junior Suiteswith original frescoes and stuccoes of the 1700s, to theSuites, elegant and spacious, till the Deluxe Suites, very large and refined, with magnificent views on the Duomo and the city, some with original frescoes of the 1700s, others with Jacuzzi in the living room: 
Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo opens its doors to make you live a special, unforgettable stay in unique spaces that smack of home.
All rooms are no smoking


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