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La Dolce Vita

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Charming Holiday In tropea

The charm of a noble palazzo

Its splendid position in the centre of Tropea and its incomparable view of the little island of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Isola will render your holiday unique.

Inside the Palazzo Barone di Tropea, an ancient patrician dwelling built on the edge of the Tropea coastline, there are 7 rooms in an original style, the perfect combination of whimsical 1950’s design and contemporary comfort.

The entrance is next to the centrally located Piazza Migliarese.

The convenience of a hotel in the centre of Tropea

Surrounded by historic palazzi, artisans’ shops and the typical network of narrow streets which open onto magnificent little squares facing the sea.

The views are spectacular of the white sand and crystal-clear sea of the small isle of the Madonna dell’Isola.

You can enjoy this very central position without worrying about parking, thanks to a convenient valet parking service from the car park of nearby Villa Paola.


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