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Marketing Representation that Achieves Results 

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About Grace


Grace is first-generation American. Being of Italian decent she is fluent in Italian and has a strong passion for Italy and has strong ties with Italy and all her aunts, cousins, and close friends. Grace was born in Port Washington, New York and still lives and works in this small intimate village located on Long Island's North Shore. Her childhood was spent traveling to Europe with her family which has always maintained her strong ties to a global passion for various cultures and experiences.

Grace began her 20+ years of Sales and Marketing experience in positions with several companies such as Swept Away Resorts in Jamaica, The Sands in Puerto Rico, Jack Tar Resorts, and Star Clipper Cruises, just to highlight a few. Eventually Grace established her own firm, Grace’s Distinctive Properties Ltd., based in New York in 2001. Today, the firm holds an esteemed reputation as a major competitor in the global luxury travel market. 

Grace combines a depth of experience in the travel industry with extensive educational strengths from her studies at St. Johns University located in New York as well as her experience in studying abroad in London, England. Personality, drive, and compassion for her work is what makes her and her company a success within the market place.

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Grace Grillo
CEO & Founder

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Marketing Services
For luxury hotels, resorts & spas

Distinctive properties like luxury hotels, resorts and spas are positioned perfectly within the North American luxury travel market to achieve the most exposure possible.


The staff at Grace's Distinctive Properties works diligently promoting your distinctive property to thousands of luxury travel agencies and investors of which we have had the privilege of forming solid relationships with over many years.

Grace's Distinctive Properties ltd, has intuitive hotel marketing services to increase your hotel, spa or resort’s visibility while providing you with resources to help build influence around any business or leisure issue. We provide Marketing for Luxury Properties and Representing Luxury Properties with measurable results through relationships established over the years with North American travel agencies and agents and powerful internet influence using the latest technologies and proven methodologies to help you reach your reservation goals.

What we Provide At GDP

  • Networking with over 30,000 travel agents worldwide- Our extensive database of agents provides us the unique advantage of contacting agents on a mass scale, allowing us to determine the best fit of agents for your property so our marketing reach is effective.

  • Our New York Based Office - A hub for international business, New York provides great exposure to our region of North America. 

  • Regional Representation - With exclusive access to some of the nation's most renowned trade shows, we are able to represent properties all over America, to ensure the most awareness of your property.

  • Personalized Promotional Programs - Because each of our properties are unique, we provide a completely personalized marketing strategy to each, which allows us to fully analyze the needs of each property and develop a plan that is conductive to each. 

  • Press and Coverage Management - Our organization assists in managing social media outlets to be most up to date for all potential guests. Modern internet tools and hotel reviews in the media are certain to increase your bookings, while also gaining you additional recognition in the marketplace.

  • Graphic Design and Promotions Specialists - Our in-house services provide efficiency and swiftness in any graphic design or print and web promotions services necessary.

  • Monthly Sales Report - We provide feedback on each property's needs, goals, account activity, and final results on a monthly basis. This is helpful to us, as well as the property, in analyzing our reach, as well as any changes that need to be made to the marketing strategy.

  • Personalized Sales Meetings - By organizing meetings with agents, tour operators, and national tourist boards, we are able to generate interest on accounts and increase activity with their bookings.

  • Relationships with Consortia - Our partnerships with these powerful consortia allow us access to many of the world's accredited agents specialized in luxury travel. This provides us the primary niche market that we and our properties cater to, thus making our efforts more effective. Ensemble and Virtuoso included. 

  • Special Events - We host luncheons, dinners, and in-house events for agents to meet the property management members who travel to New York, to introduce the buyer and the seller. This allows agents to ask any questions that may provide additional information on the property, while providing the property management to see first hand the demand for their hotel. 

  • Hotel Sales Calls and Familiarization Trips - These trips provide a great opportunity for agents to see the properties and get the best tours, do the activities that their clients would love and explore the culture to better sell the property in the future. 

  • Reservation Services - Some of our properties request reservations assistance, meaning that they have a direct US telephone contact number for individuals to book through. This service allows them to focus on other aspects of their property, while we can help them organize their services. 

samples of our work in Action

Grace at the New York Times Travel Show 2019


Calabria Booth at New York Times Travel Show 2019


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