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Palazzo Righini Piedmont

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Palazzo Righini welcomes you in Fossano, in the center of historic Piedmont , between the hills of the Langhe and the Alpine valleys , on the road that leads from
Turin to the Ligurian Riviera . The ancient town, thanks to its position and its history, offers a stay full of numerous opportunities.

Four hundred years of history come to life in stuccoes, frescoed ceilings, stones and hand-baked bricks. The restoration preserves and enhances the traces of the past and the noble Piedmont style of the past. The furniture is a luxury scenography, made with artisan knowledge. Almost every object is unique and custom designed. The staff of Palazzo Righini offers its expertise and professionalism to guide guests to discover the area and transform their stay in this corner of Piedmont into an unforgettable experience. Historic cities, nature and excellent cuisine will win you over. A team of young professionals led by Flavio Ghigo, owner together with Enrico Castellano, is passionately dedicated to making the experience unforgettable. In the rooms rich in history, taste and beauty you feel guests of the reborn noble house, welcomed with a style declined with simplicity, creating a friendly atmosphere where every guest can feel pampered.

"Whoever governs must have the beauty of the city at heart, for the sake of delight and cheerfulness to strangers, for honor, prosperity and growth of the city and its citizens" Costituto Senese, 1309

With this quote, on November 30, 2011, the round table organized for the inauguration of the Historic Residence and to reflect on a development capable of enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of the area opened in the large hall of the Congress Center. The same objectives illustrated with rigor and wisdom in the ancient "Costituto Senese" , still of great relevance after 700 years of history, have guided the Palazzo Righini project, an ambitious bet based on a great passion for the recovery of the artistic heritage, on the desire to enhance a very rich gastronomic culture and on the desire to promote the taste for beauty, aiming to revive an ancient noble house to offer its guests environments rich in history, taste and beauty.

The great food and wine offer is a distinctive feature of Palazzo Righini,
according to the best tradition of Piedmontese noble residences, with the dedication that has
always been reserved for illustrious guests.

Flavio Ghigo , Founding Partner of Palazzo Righini, brought here his long experience and even before that his family history, which was formed in that tradition. After leaving the kitchen guide to other young chefs to devote himself to a new entrepreneurial project that promotes the tradition of our territory ( ), with the opening of the Nuova Trattoria Flavio he returned to lead the kitchen of Palazzo Righini , assisted by a large brigade of young cooks who grow up at his school. Its cuisine offers the best of  Piedmontese tradition, with simple dishes capable of harmoniously enhancing the wealth of local products offered, complemented by an offer of fish. The success of his cuisine is based on a great passion for customer service and quality, starting with the selection of the best ingredients from producers he knows personally and from whom he always expects the best. Among the most popular dishes you can find the fassona beaten with a knife, the tajarin with roast sauces, the royal financier and the overcooked cheek with Nebbiolo reduction.

The splendid setting of Palazzo Righini is the ideal place to celebrate unforgettable weddings, in a noble house of the past, rich in history, culture and beauty.
On a special day like your wedding day, you can choose Palazzo Righini for a tasty and impeccable lunch, or reserve the entire home for you and your guests, prolonging the atmosphere and warmth of an important event. The staff of Palazzo Righini is available to the spouses to welcome their wishes and interpret their style: you will be followed by a dedicated contact person and inspired by an enchanting place, looking forward to the pleasure of spending a dream day with your guests.

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