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Minareto Hotel Siracusa

a series of terraces overlooking a sheer drop to the sea and with stunning views of the island of Ortiga


The Minareto is located right in front of the island of Ortigia, on a promontory in the midst of the crystal-clear waters of the Plemmirio Nature Reserve.
The Resort consists of 67 rooms, 19 Suites (including Panoramic Suite-Family Suite-Pool Suite-Jacuzzi Suite), 2 Grand Suite, 5 Villas and 3 Grand Villas.  
All the rooms are in reserved and exclusive cottages scattered around the luxuriant Mediterranean grounds: a splendid setting dominated by the sea and the sky.
Guests in the Minaretocan decide to let themselves be pampered by the soft white sand of the reserved beach, relax beside the pool or delight in gastronomic
experiences in the resort’s restaurants and bars

Businessmen will find the ideal inspiration for new strategies in the resort’s meeting rooms and enjoy putting forward their ideas in the spacious congress room which can seat 420. And they can also choose to perfect their image using the modern gym or, more simply, relaxing in the large massage rooms.

Come and discover the rest for yourselves...A place suspended between the sky and the sea in which to relax on comfortable EMU loungers, read a good book or, more simply, let yourself be pampered by the sound of the waves.

The enchanting delle Latomie Bay with its crystal-clear waters and white-sand beach, which is every bit as enticing as any Caribbean island, is an oasis of peace, sun and
sea for all the guests in Minareto. The bay is easy to reach from all the Resort’s rooms and once there you can relax in all privacy on comfortable loungers and under sun umbrellas. The beach staff is on hand for any needs and to make sure guests enjoy their time on the beach.

  - Complimentary beach towel service
  - The beach is inside the protected marine reserve

Relaxing in the sunset with a priceless view of the Plemmirio Bay, in a terrace furnished with hot tub overlooking the sea. The sun's rays are reflected on the surface
of the waves that break on the white sand beach, as the sun slowly falls asleep. Wait until nightfall, in company or alone, gently massaged by the warm waters of the
hot tub and sipping a glass of champagne is a unique experience to live at the Minareto. What is the best time? Just at sunset, when the lights dim, and everything is
surrounded by an atmosphere of fabulous magic.

A 15sm solarium fully covered in wood houses two Whirlpool Bath, which can accommodate up to 4 people each. The service is open to all guests of the Minareto who want to enjoy a moment of intimacy with their partner or relax on your own. Guests can access the sun 24h while enjoying unforgettable moments.


Alongside the dazzling blue of the sea, the green nature stands imposing and majestic to the Minareto. Three hectares of authentic Mediterranean maquis, surrounding and wrapping the hotel and protecting it, inviting our guests to leave at home all problems and stress of everyday life. An oasis within the oasis, to discover secluded spots in which to re-establish the strong bond each of us has with Mother Nature. Find yourself walking barefoot on the wet and cool grass at early morning, pay homage to the sun with a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga activity, find a quiet corner to do meditation by reestablishing contact with your spirit and body, relax in the hours of sunset breathing the intense fragrance of lavender and mint, look for moments of silence in which to sink while reading a good book.

Everything at the Minareto tells our land and its ancient past. The olive trees speak of traditions which origins are lost in the mists of time, the palm trees remind us of our shared roots with distant lands, carob trees reveal the secrets of an ancient culinary tradition.

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