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Grand Hotel President

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Beautiful Seaside Hotel

If you love a total relaxing holiday ideal for both adults and children, seeking a place with crystal clear waters, or you are simply dreaming of an untouched natural oasis and the historical treasures of this region, then Grand Hotel President is the perfect choice! With an unobstructed view of both the mountains and the sea, this hotel offers it's guest beauty all around.

Just close your eyes and imagine a 4 star hotel on the sea with the clearest blue waters of Calabria, surrounded by the bright sunlight of the Ionian coast, just at a very short distance from the center of Siderno, between immense beaches, majestic mountains views, ancient villages and archeological treasures. Welcome to The Grand Hotel President on the Jasmine Coast. Experience the immensity!

Informal as well as elegant, the Grand Hotel President is wheelchair accessible, and offers full range of services to meet everyone’s needs, including family summer holidays, groups, couples as well as business travelers.

While our banquet facilities and manicured gardens welcome you to enjoy your exclusive event and ceremony with your loved ones, amid breath-taking views. Our Event Planners are available to help you plan your events.

The services of our hotel are intended for the total relaxation and comfort of both adults and children during your holidays in Calabria. Business travelers receive top priority thanks to our professional team ready to satisfy your requests.

The rooms of the hotel perfectly combine old world comfort and modern casual elegance. They are spacious and bright, with your choice of sea or mountain view to enjoy relaxation and privacy.

Discover the elegant abiences, the charming design and first class facilities of the suites, perfect for romantic and sophisticated getaways or for exclusive business stays, offering unobstructed views of the mountains and sea crating a natural picture to observe and enjoy.


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